Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities Program is a specialized insurance program that includes a variety of products designed to meet the evolving challenges of theSelf Storage Flyer self storage industry. Specifically targeting traditional self storage facilities, mobile storage and boat/RB storage operators. K. L. Owens and Associates LLC provides a turn-key insurance solution for all storage related exposures throughout the nation.


  • A XV Rated Carrier
  • Customized Form
  • Very Aggressive Rates
  • Competitive Commissions
  • Discounts for Association Members & Tenant Insurance
  • Low Minimum Premium
  • Enhanced Property Form
  • Business Income

States Available

  • Nationwide

Targeted Classes

All storage related operations, including:Storage Facility Insurance

  • Traditional Self Storage Facilities
  • Mobile Storage
  • Boat/RV Storage

Coverage Available

  • Enhanced Property Form
  • Business Income
  • Comprehensive General Liability, including:
    • Customers’ Property Legal Liability
    • Sale and Disposal Liability
    • Limited Pollution Liability
    • Increased Underwriting Limits
  • Coverage Available for Non-Storage Activities
  • Coverage Available for Wind, Flood, and Earthquake
  • Umbrella/Excess General Liability Coverage
  • Identity Theft
  • Crisis Response
  • Corporate Identity Protection
  • Accident Insurance
  • Coverage for Non-Storage Activities

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