Protecting You, Protecting Your Employees – Workers Compensation Insurance

Almost every company in the state of Georgia is required to have workers compensation insurance. Workers Comp guarantees that if your employee is injured on the job, they will be given wage replacement and medical assistance. This type of insurance is carried to prevent lawsuits against your company.

Workers Compensation Insurance in GeorgiaWhat does workers comp do?

If your employee Bernard is driving your delivery truck and gets into an auto accident that injures him to a point that it prevents him from doing his job, your workers compensation insurance would take action. If your employee has developed carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on a keyboard for hours at end, workers compensation may also cover that claim.

When a claim is filed with your workers compensation insurance, the coverage will pay for reasonable medical expenses associated with the injury, as well as missed pay while the employee recovers. This amount is decided on upon an agreement between a medical professional and your insurance company.

Cost of Workers Compensation

The cost of a workers compensation policy will depend on many factors including the size of your company and the amount of risk your employees jobs require. High-risk companies will often pay more in workers compensation than low-risk companies.

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