Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella Insurance ImgPersonal umbrella insurance is an additional line of protection in the event of a claim that goes above your current auto and homeowners policies.

Without the right level of coverage, all of your personal assets could be at risk – your retirement, college fund, savings, etc. With umbrella insurance, you can increase your liability protection.

Why Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

As your assets increase, so does your exposure to loss. An umbrella policy will provide liability coverage above and beyond that of your standard homeowner or auto insurance policies.

What Personal Umbrella Coverage Offers

If you’re sued and found to be at fault, your personal umbrella insurance policy will kick in to cover damage that exceed the limits on your auto, homeowners, or other applicable policies.

Personal Umbrella coverage can provide:

  • Broad coverage areas that offer liability protections other policies don’t
  • Personal liability and personal auto protection
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Liability coverage for non-owned watercraft and other recreational vehicles
  • Trusts, estates, personal limited liability corporations (LLCs), or limited partnerships

There are certain criteria that you must meet to apply for a personal umbrella policy. Give us a call today to discuss the options available to make sure that all of your assets are covered with us at K. L. Owens & Associates LLC.