Rental Property Insurance

Habitational InsuranceAs a landlord, you work hard enough just keeping your property in shape and keeping it rented. While you’re away and your renters are at play, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected with rental property insurance from K. L. Owens and Associates LLC. 

Dwelling Protection

This protection covers the rental property and all structures attached to it, such as a deck or porch. You can also get Other Structures Protection which will cover the rest of the structures on your rental property, such as sheds or outbuildings.

Other Add-On Coverages

If you have a rental property, dwelling protection is the minimum insurance that you should have. Additional protection is available to help protect your property in the event of any damage or loss. Debris removal, emergency removal of property, fire department charges, and collapse of property are just a few of your options. You can even get insurance on your trees, shrubs, plants, and lawn to cover the loss of greenery on your property.

Do you have a unique rental property situation in Georgia? K. L. Owens and Associates LLC offers landlord insurance for all types of properties across the U.S. Call us today for a free quote!

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