Do I Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

LockPeople make mistakes, we all do. It’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, in some businesses, mistakes are costly. One wrong mistake could cost you a major financial loss, not just for you, but for your client as well. So, what do you do to protect yourself against such instances? You get professional indemnity insurance from K. L. Owens and Associates LLC. 

If you are an architect and you have been asked to oversee the construction of a new home only to find that years later, that home has collapsed due to faulty materials or a mistake in the building process, you could be found liable. If you are a doctor that performs a surgery that should have saved a life, but leads to your patient’s passing due to negligence on account of your nurses or staff, you could be found liable. If you are an alarm installation company that has installed an alarm system for a business that fails to alarm when they are robbed due to your employee incorrectly installing the system, you could be found liable. In all of these instances, it is a simple mistake that has led to thousands of dollars of loss and hardship. This is where your errors and omissions insurance coverage would kick in to cover the costs incurred from the mistake, as well as the associated legal feeds.

K. L. Owens and Associates LLC specializes in coverage for high risk individuals or businesses. Call us today for a free quote and to learn more about our personal indemnity insurance options. 

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