New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

Each year, you make a list of resolutions to make yourself, your life, or your career better in some way. This year, as a small business owner, you should be making these four resolutions for your business, and make sure that you keep them.

Small Business Success1. Follow a Content Marketing Plan

SEO. Social media marketing. Content marketing. It all goes in the pot together and in 2014, it’s more important than ever. The first step in taking your businesses marketing plan from zero to hero to is to make it – then stick to it. Use an editorial calendar to plot social posts, blogs, articles, and website updates. Keeping your content fresh will let your potential customers that you are in the know about your industry, and you’re willing to share your knowledge.

2. Use Apps

There is an app for that – literally. There are apps for just about everything that you possibly need to do. Whether it is making lists, tracking social media, or sending out invoices, there is an app in the app store designed to meet your needs. So go ahead, load down your iPhone, iPad, or whatever mobile device you’re using with the apps that fill your gaps.

3. Show Your Customers Some Love

Everyone loves a discount, a sale, or something that’s free. Show your customers how much you appreciate them not by giving new clients a discount, but by offering your most loyal clients a discount on their services. You can promote it through social media or your website, or by word of mouth, just get it going.

4. Get Into the Cloud

Cloud technology is making it much easier for small businesses to compete on a larger scale. Whether you are taking advantage of cloud based software, or you move your entire network into a cloud infrastructure, cloud based technology is putting resources at your fingertips that you would have never been able to afford previously.

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