4 Tips for Safety for Commercial Drivers

As a commercial driver, your safety is a number one priority. Your job depends on you navigating the roadways in the worst conditions to make your deliveries on time and in pristine condition. As the arctic vortex wreaks havoc on our winter weather conditions, K. L. Owens and Associates LLC has four tips for you on how to stay safe on the roads.

Be Prepared

As a commercial delivery company, making sure that your drivers are adequately prepared for the winter weather will save you both time and money. Keep your vehicle fleet in tip top condition – make sure that the tires are in good shape, the windshield fluid is full, and have your drivers carry emergency roadside kits including salt for the roads, a warm blanTruck in Snowket, and jumper cables. Training your drivers on how to handle conditions that are snowy or icy will help them adapt and prevent a potential accident.

Clear the Way

If your drivers cannot see the road than staying on it and in their lane will be next to impossible. Make sure drivers are completely clearing their windshields, side windows, and mirrors of any ice or snow before hitting the road. Also, having everyone drive with their lights on at all times will increase visibility.

Make Good Decisions

Understand whether your vehicle has anti-lock brakes or not and learn how to use each in slippery conditions. Incase your vehicle starts to skid, you should how what type of braking pressure you should use to regain control. Driving commercial vehicles means that you should take extra precaution – drive under the speed limit, scan ahead of potential problems, leave extra following room, and keeping your focus on the road will help you stay safe.

Be Cautious

Commercial companies and drivers have a lot to consider if there is bad weather on the way. Dispatchers will make the call as to weather drivers head out or not, so they should be monitoring the weather closely. Companies should be making delivery appointments in enough time that their client is happy, but their drivers are safe and don’t feel rushed. Your entire commercial vehicle operation should be supporting your drivers, making sure they have everything they need including a vehicle in tip-top condition and the knowledge of the weather conditions they will be driving into.

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