Workers Comp., Future Medicals, and Medicare

A question that is often asked by injured employees, “Will Medicare cover my future medical expenses for my workers’ compensation injury if I settle my case?” Unfortunately, the answer to that question is less than straightforward, K. L. Owens and Associates LLC is going to try to shed some light on the possible answers for you.

Workers Comp SettlementThe Legal Ramifications of a Settlement

When you settle your workers comp case, you should expect it to be final. Settlements almost always come with a binding contract, and you need to be fully versed in the fine print so that you fully understand the impact. Before agreeing on your settlement, it is essential to take a full inventory of any possible future medical expenses, including over the counter medications.


If you are already collecting Medicare benefits, it’s likely that you’ll need to delegate a portion of your settlement for future medical expenses. If not, Medicare may refuse to pay for medical coverage relating to your injuries. Determining just how much you should set aside can be a complicated process, and often third parties are hired to help determine an exact figure.

Future medical expenses can go much beyond your original estimations. Keep in mind services that Medicare might not pay for, such as in home care or the coinsurance amount on covered services. When you are working through a settlement on your workers comp claim, it is essential that you carefully plan for all future expenses and possibilities.

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