Should HR Understand the Workers Comp Process?

Antique Safety PostersK. L. Owens and Associates LLC works with businesses all over the country to make sure they have the appropriate workers compensation insurance. But, even if your business has the right insurance coverage and they don’t know how to properly file a claim or help and injured employee walk through the process of receiving their benefits, the insurance does little to no good. That is why we believe that the HR department should understand how to help file claims. 

Workers compensation is a benefit to employees and it’s a part of the hiring process. This is why it is so important for your HR department to understand your company’s workers compensation benefits and filing process.

When your employee gets hurt, they will not only be entitled to the workers comp benefit, but they may also have protection from related laws such as the ADA, FMLA, Collective Bargaining Agreements, or Pregnancy Discrimination. The part of your business that understands these best is your HR team. They should be equipped to manage risk. HR cannot be excluded from the workers comp discussion because they are ultimately responsible for the employee’s benefit management.

Human Resources must understand the basis for workers compensation benefits. Make sure that your HR team has been trained in how to navigate workers compensation claims and how they can affect their HR policies.

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