Workers Comp: GA Employer’s Best Practices When Reporting a Claim

Workers’ compensation laws vary across the United States. As an employer in your respective state, it is essential that you know and understand the laws of workers’ compensation in your area. Making sure that you do have the required coverage will save you from potential lawsuits and loss. While having your required coverage is essential, it is not the end of your workers compensation process. You should also know and understand the basic best practices that you must take when a claim is reported against your workers’ compensation insurance. To help our Georgia insurance clients, K. L. Owens & Associates LLC brings you the best practices for the prompt reporting of a workers’ compensation claim in the state of Georgia. Workers' Comp Injury

  • Centralize case management responsibility so everyone knows who, where, when, and why notification is necessary.
  • Make sure a workers’ compensation representative is available to help when the injured employee calls.
  • Provide a 24-hour toll free number to allow convenience of reporting claims and obtaining information.
  • Have supervisors and managers trained to report injuries immediately.
  • Complete form WC-1 within 24 hours of the accident.

Following these basic best practices guidelines will start off your involvement with your workers’ compensation claim on the fast and easy route to settlement. When you use these guidelines to help you through the claim process, it will facilitate timely delivery of benefits, timely investigation of the claim, early involvement of your insurance agency in the claim, better claim medical management, and it will reduce attorney involvement.

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