New Members of the NAPW

Our founder, K. L. Owens herself, has recently became a member of the National Association of Professional Women! She is looking forward to all of the great connections that she is going to make through NAPW for K. L. Owens & Associates LLC. 

What is NAPW?bizpeepflag

The National Association of Professional Women is an exclusive network for professional women to interact, exchange ideas, educate, and empower. Joining the Association gives its members a wealth of resources, benefits, and services dedicated to enhancing their lives and promoting their business and careers.

K. L. Owens & Associates LLC and NAPW

Now that we are officially members of the NAPW, we look forward to travelling to their seminars, watching their webinars, and meeting more Professional Women through the organization. We hope that one day we will get an opportunity to speak to our peers in the Association about our experience in the business world, being a company that was started and owned primarily by a working, professional woman in the insurance industry.

We would be happy to provide small business, personal, or professional liability insurance coverage to our peers and their businesses associated through the organization. We hope to make many great connections and lasting friendships through our new membership in the organization!

Are you a member of the NAPW in the Georgia area? Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite part of being involved in the Association is!

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