A New Business is Born

K. L. Owens & Associates, LLC works with many types of businesses. From small, one man operations, to commercial contracts, we have the insurance coverage you need. Are you a newly established business, just getting started with securing your insurance policies? We would be happy to talk with you and walk through all of your exposures to make sure that you are appropriately insured.

Business Review

The first step in getting the right type and amount of insurance coverage is to complete a review of all of your business exposures. This would involve reviewing your business operations and understanding where you may find yourself liable for damages to either your employees or clients and insuring against that and other losses or accidents.

Business Insurance Review

During your review, we will also look into the specific insurance laws of your state or county and make sure that you meet all of your local requirements. At this point, if you have any other employees, a review of your payroll would determine your need for workers comp or a business services bond. We will also take into consideration your contractors cost – if you contract out any work – and determine your needs for bonds or insurance to cover you against their mistakes, accidents, or their potential to not finish a job as promised.

K. L. Owens & Associates, LLC provides insurance for many industries including construction, developers, home builders, printers, retail, technology, and much more. Whether you are just establishing your company, or if you are looking to lower your insurance costs and make sure that all of your exposures are protected, the team at K. L. Owens & Associates LLC will get you the insurance you need.

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