Welcome to K. L. Owens & Associates L.L.C. and ASAP’s New Blog!

Welcome to the brand new K. L. Owens & Associates L.L.C. (KLOA) and American Specialty Agents Programs L.L.C.’s  (ASAP) website and blog. We hope you find all the information here that you need to know about us and our insurance coverage offerings.

We are a Georgia-based Independent Insurance Agency bringing you the finest insurance products to your home or business. Our motto is, “If you own it, we cover it!” We do anything from home and auto to Property and Casualty  insurance and Fidelity and Surety Bonds.

Artisan Contractor Insurance CoverageContractor Insurance

If you are an artisan contractor and need insurance coverage for your HVAC company, plumbing company, electrical company, and many more, we have the insurance coverage that will fit your company and fill all of your needs.

Roller and Ice Skating Rinks

We specialize in high risk business insurance as well. Often, roller skating rinks and ice skating rinks have a hard time finding the right coverage to protect them in the case of an emergency or customer dispute. If you are an rink owner or operator, you can trust that KLOA understands your needs, and we will help you develop just the right coverage to keep you protected, and be there to help when you need to file a claim.

When you have an insurance need, you only need one number – for KLOA and ASAP. We will keep you covered whether you are right here in Alpharetta, GA or in San Diego, CA, we are only a phone call away.

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